How to Get Your Next Tattoo

There are few things like getting a new tattoo. The entire process is an experience: from the initial inspiration for the design, to researching for the right shop and working with the artist to bring your vision to reality. However, there is a right way to approach your next tattoo and a wrong way. Going about it the right way will help to ensure that you have the best experience and have the best possible results.

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5 Tips For Your Next Tattoo

Though a spontaneous tattoo can be a fun experience and provide you with a piece that you really love, in many cases, taking time to make sure you get the best tattoo possible is a must. With years of tattooing, we can boil down our advice for those getting their next tattoo into these tips.

Do Your Research

Doing your research can help to ensure that you get the best artist, at the best shop, and get a tattoo that looks great — and if it's important to you, this means the most. When doing your research we suggest looking into your tattoo design, the shop, and the artist.

Your Design

It’s easy to decide on the first idea that inspires you for your next tattoo. However, being too hasty can result in a less than favorable tattoo. How so? First, make sure you understand what the imagery or quote you found really means. Many popular images may have a connotation or meaning that may not fit your values. If you are considering a quote, know where the quote came from, who said it, and if you really want their words on your body.

ProTip: Quotes can be beautiful tattoos. However, tattooing is a visual medium and often choosing an image over a quote can make for a better, longer-lasting tattoo.

Another Pro-Tip: If you like a design but it's someone else’s tattoo, talk to your artist to see if they can use the original tattoo as an inspiration for your own custom tattoo.

Shop & Artist

Before choosing an artist or shop, do your research! Many people buy tattooing equipment, but make sure the person placing permanent art on your body has taken the time to hone their craft. When choosing an artist, take a look at their style, read reviews if available, and reach out to them to learn more. If you don’t have an artist in mind but are choosing a shop, do the same thing: look at their gallery and read real client reviews.

Choose An Artist With Your Style

Most artists work to become versatile with the styles and types of tattoos they provide. However, many artists will specialize in one type or style of tattoo. For example, one artist may prefer to do color tattoos while another may specialize in black and white. If you vibe with an artist and feel like they understand your vision more, talk to them about how they would bring your idea to life. But generally speaking, choose an artist whose work looks like what you want. If you don’t know what you want yet, do more research or talk to one of the artists at an award-winning tattoo shop like Envision Tattoo Shop in Fayetteville.

Be Open to Modifying Your Tattoo Design

It’s easy to want the design you want and be unwilling to change it, but in some cases, you may not get the best possible tattoo and here’s why. To create a tattoo, an artist has to consider a variety of aspects such as placement, skin texture, the size of the image, how the tattoo will wear, and any other tattoos in the area. Simply put, some images don’t make great tattoos or won’t last or look good later as others might look. Additionally, because of the way that our body’s anatomy works, the artist has to consider how the tattoo will look at all angles. For example, because of the way that our leg muscles move, a tattoo may look good at one angle but may twist and need to be adjusted to look good at another angle.

Bring Reference Material

The saying that says “a picture is worth a thousand words” is one of the best ways to describe how best to work with your artist. A picture can make sure there is no miscommunication and that your artist is able to fully understand how you would truly like your tattoo to look. Another way to look at it is, a tattoo is a visual piece of art — to best describe it a visual representation is the best. In most cases, more information is better when working with an artist to bring your dream tattoo to life. Bring physical pictures or have them saved on your phone so you can easily show the artist during your consultation.

Remember It Will Hurt

Though most people understand that their tattoo will hurt, it’s still important to mention. When you’re considering where your next tattoo will go on your body, it’s important to think about your pain tolerance as well as the pain level that you may experience during your tattoo session. Some tattoos hurt more than others, and some people are more able to handle the pain than others. With that being said, remember pain is temporary, but a beautiful tattoo lasts a lifetime. If you are concerned about the pain, talk to your artist about placement and things that you can do before and during your appointment to help the pain.

ProTip: Do not drink alcohol before your appointment. Though it may help to dull the pain, we will not tattoo you if you are intoxicated. Also, alcohol can cause you to bleed more, which will cause less of the ink to stay in your skin and so the end result of your tattoo won’t look as good.

We hope you enjoyed our blog!

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